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About me & RJP

It all started with a red film camera my parents got me for my 5th birthday. The first photo I took was a selfie of my Momma and I before selfies were a thing! Seven years ago, they upgraded my film camera and got me my first DSLR. From then, I adventured throughout the PNW, photographing landscape, food, and people. 

Three years ago, I started what was Rea Oliv Photography. Flash forward to now, Rae Judnich Photography does weddings, engagements, events, and portraits in the PNW and SoCal regions. I love getting to people and I enjoy delivering images that are natural, candid, bright, colorful, and full of life.

I'm a 5-foot outgoing & creative lady who loves love, the cheesy and warm fuzzies it brings, and being in the sun! A little over a year ago, I married the love of my life and together we have two adorable pups named Wonton (yes, like the food) and Charlie. When not photographing the joyful and true, you can find me hiking in the mountains or figuring out what my next renovation project will be in my home.


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"I love love & capturing the joyful and true."